March 10, 2018

Internet Marketing Tips — Stop With The Stupid Gossips

Search engine optimisation or SEO is almost a dirty word that every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to apply to their website to make it findable to the common man. But for some of us, its not working is it?

Less Competition. Tough times weed out those business who ran poorly or on a very thin margins. If you believe in your product and in your ability to run your business, you’ll find a field with less competitors. Just make sure you do not become one of the lesser competitors. Make sure your product, service and Internet Marketing Tips are all top notch especially in times like these.

Another thing you can to get your blog up the ranks is to write articles, submit them to article directories and them in your resource box, place the link for your blog. This will serve two functions. The first is that people who see your articles will actually see the link to your blog and hopefully, if they’re interested in the subject matter, will check out your blog. The second function is that you’ll be getting backlinks to your blog. These backlinks will gradually increase your search engine rankings.

If you can’t bring your business, idea, or product to market, you have a problem. The best product in the world still has to be marketed. Most aspiring entrepreneurs make this cardinal mistake, they think that simply having a great product will attract clients. Not so. You have to know how to target your market, get your message out, and build a community of customers that will keep buying from you over and over. All my programs include marketing training because without it, you have no business.

The truth is, starting a coaching business is something that many online entrepreneurs really aspire to do. And yet, only a fraction of a fraction will ever turn their dreams into dollars, and it’s NOT for the reasons that most of you may believe.

First, you need to know how the IPN system works. I’m going to explain this in layman’s terms so that there is no confusion. Essentially, it’s like this. The buyer goes to the payment page of the merchant and goes through the payment process. After the transaction is completed, PayPal will return the buyer to the merchant’s web page and at the same time, the IPN will be sent to the merchant’s server. Unfortunately, because the Internet isn’t as fool proof as everybody likes to think, the IPN doesn’t arrive right away. Sometimes it can take six hours or longer for it to come. Sometimes, it never makes it. This leaves both parties frustrated.

For some reason we all believe we can make money online without investing any significant amounts of money. We believe the sales pages of other marketers that tell us that with a bit of search engine optimisation and by submitting a few articles, we’ll start to earn money online.

The point is that there will never be a perfect product or service. People should quit procrastinating, and take that first step. First steps habitually lead to other steps.

Don’t forget you’re targeting real people. Remember that its not just search engines that will be reading your page content of your website. Your website is mainly for real human beings that are searching and must therefore be aimed to them with interesting, up to date and relevant information that uses the keywords without any effort in the wording on your site.